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HooverCamp Incubator

Bring your idea into the real world in 6 months

During this program, you will:

  • launch your idea into the real worldget real customers, and earn real money $$

  • participate in virtual/in-person field trips to Alabama start-ups for a real-world experience

  • attend workshops led by Ivy League & other college business students who will teach you guys advanced business concepts and even mentor you individually

  • Finally, we will bring a personal development angle to this incubator because everyone knows that great entrepreneurs also have a healthy and goal-oriented lifestyle.

We want you to imagine being an elementary/middle schooler and getting featured on the news for your initiative...

We can already see the headline on FOX6: "This 4th Grader is Selling Bookmarks to Save Rhinos"

At the HooverCamp Incubator, you guys can get your idea off of the napkin and into the real world. Not only that, building your own business will really help you be a more independent individual and learn many important life-long skills such as time management. Next, owning a successful business/organization can greatly help you during college admissions, or even when applying to summer programsThink about how many kids can say that they started their own business and profited from it. Finally, you can create a business that allows you to give back to the community in unique and enjoyable way.

Who knows, maybe if you do well in the incubator, you'll end up teaching at HooverCamp in Summer 2022.

*Please refer to the HooverEntrepreneurs page to see the other benefits of being a young entrepreneur.

We plan on hosting the HooverCamp Incubator from around October 2021 - April 2022. The exact schedule and other details have not been finalized yet, but we plan on meeting at least one to two times a week. You will also have to invest several hours working on your business outside of our meetings. Also, we want to add that instead of working individually, you are totally allowed to sign up along with a partner for your business.

We will release more details (prices, exact dates, curriculum, etc) as soon as we have gathered enough information from parents and HooverCampers. For now please click the button below and fill out the Google Form to register. (REGISTRATION DEADLINE - 9/23/2021 at 11:59 PM CENTRAL)


  • A laptop, computer, or tablet

  • Webcam

  • Must have participated in at least one HooverCamp course before (preferably HooverEntrepreneurs)

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