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The Hall of Fame

Legends of HooverCamp

Summer 2020 Zoom Picture Day 1.PNG

HooverCodes Summer 2020

Game Individual Winner

Shahzad Ahmed - Flappy Bird

Game Honorable Mentions

Mokun Ojesina - Stick Battle Elite

Audrey Lei - Minigame Madness

Riley Hwang - Steal Those Apples

Animation Individual Winner

Sara Hwang - Love Knows No Colors

Animation Honorable Mentions

Angela Zhang - Can't Stop Rolling

Madi York - Claw Machines Are So Rigged

Jacqueline Xie - Fairy Animation

Team Winners

Overall - The Covid Coders

Teacher: Victor Song

Students: Dhanush Satishkumar, Sissy Chen, Shepard Nations, Anna Gu, Jory Yuan, Olivia Chen, Riley Hwang, William Lei, Enen Wu, Madi York, Eli Nations

Kahoot - The Black Knights

Teacher: Shaams Nur

Students: Ethan Monasterio, Walt Burns, Braxton Brown, Leon Zeng, Zaayan Hasan, Shahzad Ahmed, Andy Ding, Derek Tian, Mokun Ojesina, Angela Zhang, Yilong Hou

day 5 picture.png

HooverCodes Winter 2020

Individual Winner

Namirah Haider - The Lost Key

Day 5 HE.PNG

HooverEntrepreneurs Winter 2020

Individual Winner

Namirah Haider - Painted (link not available)

hoovercamp 2021 pic.JPG

HooverCodes Summer 2021

Individual Winners

Namirah Haider - Build a City

Sara Hwang - Can You Escape?

Silas Shoemake - NBA 2k21

Ansh Nair - Happy Hoops

Honorable Mentions

Micah - Small Square Platformer

Dallas - Galaxy Shooter

Team Winner - Big Shambus

Teacher: Victor Song

Students: Jason Gu, Johannes Gao, Alex Roy, Daniel Su, Sara Roy, Joshua Herrera, Ansh Nair, Shrihan S, Quentin Danford, Juliana Herrera

day 2 (2).png

HooverEntrepreneurs Summer 2021

Individual Winners

Sara Roy - Shine Like the Earth

Evie Cagle - TheatreKid

Honorable Mentions

Zaayan Hasan - project link not available

Mac & Clara Ross - Smile

Namirah Haider - Hope is JOY

Amaya Baumann - BlackBox

Alex Roy - Bookmarked

coming soon.jpg

HooverCodes Summer 2022

Individual Winners

Namirah Haider - Build a City

Christian Ziannis - Sonic vs Sonic

Honorable Mentions

YaYa Konde - Scratch Clicker

Ethan Chen - Blue Cube
Jesus German Garcia - Survive the Backrooms

Team Winners

Shaams's team

coming soon.jpg

HooverEntrepreneurs Summer 2022

Individual Winner


Honorable Mentions



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