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How We Got Started

A Unique Student Organization

One day in the fall of 2019, three friends in their freshman year of high school were eating lunch and reminiscing on the good ole days of elementary school, back when they didn’t have to think about our GPAs and AP exams.

“What was that website we used to build our own games with back in elementary school?” Shaams says, popping another crispito bite into his mouth.

“Scratch,” Leo replies, setting down his Oreos.

“Do kids still use that?” Shaams asks.

“Yeah, I still use it sometimes,” Leo says. 

“Bro, why do you still use it? It’s designed for 2nd graders,” Victor, his twin brother, says.

“Sometimes I like to go back and see the stuff I made,” Leo shrugs.

“What do you think about starting a summer camp where we teach kids how to program using Scratch? Do you think people would be interested?” Shaams asks.

“I think so. Maybe we can even get parents to pay for it,” Victor reaches for Leo’s Oreos.

“Maybe,” Shaams says shrugging. 

Leo slaps away Victor’s hand. “Dude, Mom packed you your own Oreos,”

After having a successful first run of HooverCodes, we decided to expand into HooverCamp.

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Mission Statement

HooverCamp equips young children ages 8-14 in the Southeast with coding, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills to succeed in the 21st century and beyond.

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Why Us

Did you know that coding is the second largest growing industry in America? Or that 78% of entrepreneurs say working for themselves has improved their money management?

But for some reason, the majority of schools in the United States have still not added coding and entrepreneurship into their core curriculum, which is exactly why HooverCamp aims to impact young children ages 8-14.

The state of Alabama is rarely praised for advanced technology or booming businesses, and, due to lack of exposure to these subjects, few Alabamian children even imagine they can be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk. We want kids in our community to believe they have what it takes to change the world. Unfortunately, there is not only a shortage of entrepreneurship and coding education around the country, but there are also many problems within the current programs. Existing programs are expensive, lack application of concepts taught, don’t target young students, and have teachers who are much older than students. That’s why we started HooverCamp.

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The Team

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Shaams Nur

Founder and Executive Director

  • Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama

  • Senior at Hoover High School

  • Coding on Scratch for around 6 years

  • Learning and applying entrepreneurship skills for 2 years

  • Black belt in taekwondo

  • Loves watching Youtube, playing tennis, and spending time with family

  • Fun fact: I have been on the fastest roller coaster in the world


Leo Song

Director of Marketing

  • Senior at Hoover High School

  • Loves solving puzzles and spreading knowledge

  • Coding for 8 years

  • Swims

  • Owns 2 businesses

  • Fun fact about me: I have been to 6 countries


Victor Song

Director of Curriculum

  • Senior at Hoover High School

  • Nationally ranked age group swimmer

  • Loves to stay active

  • Coding on Scratch since 3rd grade

  • Taken multiple entrepreneurship and finance courses and has applied these skills in the real world

  • Fun fact: I'm one minute younger than my brother Leo

About: Team Members
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