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Don't just play your games, learn how to build them.

HooverCodes: Activities


  • Students in grades K-8

  • No prior coding experience necessary

  • A laptop, computer, or tablet

  • Able to attend at least 4 out of  5 sessions (all sessions will be recorded)

  • Webcam


$30 per student ($45 total if you sign up for both HooverCodes and HooverEntrepreneurs)

Half our profits will be donated to purchase laptops for public libraries and schools around Birmingham.

For each referral that signs up for any HooverCamp course, you will both receive a $5 discount.


  • Not only does HooverCodes effectively teach students the basics of coding, it also opens students' eyes to the world of tech and computer science.

  • Coding teaches important problem solving and logic skills.

  • Technology is the future and coding will be a very useful skill in all industries and career paths

Program Details

HooverCodes Session 1 (6/6/2022 - Monday)

HooverCodes Session 2 (6/7/2022 - Tuesday)

HooverCodes Session 3 (6/8/2022 - Wednesday)

HooverCodes Session 4 (6/9/2022 - Thursday)

HooverCodes Session 5 (6/10/2022 - Friday)

*All sessions will be held through Zoom from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Central Time.

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  • Basics and backgrounds of coding

  • History and future of gaming, animations, and coding

  • In-depth case studies of successful coding projects, animations, and video games

  • Experienced guest speakers and judges from the computer science field

Check out the HooverCodes curriculum here!


On the last day of camp, we invite a panel of guest judges to evaluate each student's project. Animations and apps will be judged based on creativity, and overall functionality. First and second place of the animation and app sections of the competition will each receive a $25 Amazon gift card!

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